“My horse was very tense and wary of Charlotte in his first few treatments, she worked quietly and confidently with him to gain his trust. This demonstrated very good horsemanship skills and a clear understanding of equine behaviour.
When Charlotte treated my horse regularly over a period of time, I felt a marked improvement in his way of going under saddle in particular his straightness. In fact we competed in a dressage competition, shortly after an intensive period of treatment, we won the class and received scores of 8’s and 9’s with the judge commenting more than once on his straightness.
Charlotte has always been very professional and continuously gave thorough feedback and sound advice about her findings, in the form of verbal discussions and written reports and was always happy to answer any questions on her findings. She provided professional contacts to saddlers and recommended other complementary therapies which would aid my horses’ progress. It is refreshing to meet a person who can see the importance of treating the whole horse, rather than having an isolated view of equine rehabilitation.” Leia, Equine Lecturer, Sussex

“Charlotte has been treating a number of my horses for a few months now, some ex racehorses, some current racehorses in training, which can sometimes be nervous or highly strung. I find they are easily relaxed by Charlotte as soon as she begins her work on them, due to her calming and gentle nature around the horses. All my horses have enjoyed their treatments. Charlotte is not only calming and gentle but extremely professional in her work, always thoroughly explaining what she is doing and why, as well as telling me her thoughts on the horse she is treating and areas which need more attention, and possible reasons as to why a horse could be sore in particular places. We then discuss moving forward what can be done to try and prevent them getting sore in certain places in the future.
Charlottes post treatment notes are always extremely thorough and detailed.” Dani / Dare to Dream, Surrey

“Charlotte has treated several horses for me at Tattenham corner stables. Charlotte has always been punctual, polite and very professional in her work. She works well with my staff and has a very patient approach to her work. Charlotte is very calm and takes the time to gain horses trust whilst treating them. The horses Charlotte treats seem to be very relaxed and calm after the treatment. I think Charlotte has a very good understanding of horses and works in a manner to achieve the best result with every horse she treats.” Attwater Racing, Surrey

‘Charlotte has been helping me with my ex-racehorse for a number of weeks. I cannot express how confident Charlotte makes me feel in her knowledge of the horse and her ability to engage with P, who is not the easiest. Charlotte clearly makes a difference and importantly P responds well to the treatment. Charlotte conducts herself in a very professional manner; timely, good communication back to me and email reports are a further understanding of each session.’ Genevieve, Sussex

‘Charlotte takes a calm and sympathetic approach during each appointment. What I found particularly useful was her ability to explain her findings in simpler terms for owners best understanding but also in great depth so that I could alter my horses workload to gain maximum benefit from each massage. B seemed to enjoy each session more and more as the weeks went on, which to me showed improvement in her overall mood, mobility and comfort.’ Sofia, Sussex

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