Horses have been my life but not always my work and it was during the twelve years I lived in the USA that I stumbled into the world of Classical dressage. Learning the biomechanics of the horse and rider and timing of the aids; handling and riding Stallions; the benefits of complementary therapies; and the well-being, management and training of the horse as an individual, from leisure to Grand Prix changed my entire approach to riding and horsemanship.  Additionally, I gained a deep appreciation for the vast difference a supportive and encouraging environment can make to both the horse and rider on so many levels.

Life never quite unfolds according to the plan, is full of change which is why I believe that you can never stop learning and evolving – books, people, horses, life; everyone and everything has something to give and teach – and when you take yourself to another level of knowledge, you cannot do anything but say goodbye to your old self.  I returned to the UK in 2004 escorting my TB and five other horses across the Atlantic and Northern Europe. My work as an Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Practitioner has led me across the UK and abroad; from the two-horse barn to the 46-horse barn; from youngster to retiree; from leisure to racehorses in-training, with much of my work seeming to be centred around Stallions, TB’s, P.R.E’s and those seen as ‘problems.’ I have been exceptionally lucky to have had several mentors – human and equine! – along the way and I credit them and that journey with leading me to the path that I am on.

Charlotte Lloyd – Qualified, accredited and Insured Level 4 Equine Sports Therapist and Rehabilitation Practitioner

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